3 Million Downloads Celebration (300万DL記念 300 Man DL Kinen?) is a message card created to celebrate Sailor Moon Drops hitting three million downloads. A special wallpaper is sent to your Mail after first viewing this message card.

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3 Million Downloads Celebration
We see Princess Serenity.
Princess Serenity
Hi, everybody! I've got some really exciting news! Tada! Sailor Moon Drops has just hit 3 MILLION downloads!
Princess Usagi SL Serenity joins her mother.
Princess Usagi SL Serenity
Isn't that amazing!?
Princess Serenity
I can't believe I've got so many friends all around the world now...
Princess Usagi SL Serenity
Thank you all so much!
Princess Serenity
We wanted to say thank you, so all 10 Guardians got together for a special wallpaper!
Princess Usagi SL Serenity
I'll send it to your Mail. Don't forget to accept it. You can save it for your Wallpaper collection!
Princess Serenity
I hope you'll keep having fun with Sailor Moon Drops!
End of 3 Million Downloads Celebration


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