These are the characters (キャラクター Kyarakutā?) that are available in Sailor Moon Drops.

Each character has five levels. They unlock a Special Move whenever they reach Level 2, which is upgraded once they reach Level 5. Additional poses can be unlocked by leveling up as well.

There are currently 96 characters in Sailor Moon Drops that are playable within the game.

Playable Characters

Dark Kingdom

Black Moon

Death Busters

Dead Moon

Sailor Stars

Another Story

Character Pairs

Special Seasonal Outfit


Non-Playable Characters

Main article: Non-playable characters.

There are currently 54 non-playable characters in Sailor Moon Drops who may be added at some point in the future.

Unreleased Characters

There is currently no information about any unreleased characters in Sailor Moon Drops.


  • A playable version of Mistress 9 was supposed to be added. However, for unknown reasons, it was scrapped.
    • Additionally, Mistress 9's icon was changed to have Japanese text at the top that read "Not yet!" This implies that Mistress 9 may still be added in the future.


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