Dark Kingdom (ダーク・キングダム Dāku Kingudamu?) is the first story arc in Sailor Moon Drops. The arc focuses on the formation of the Sailor Guardians and their battle against the Dark Kingdom, led by Queen Beryl.

There are 225 main stages in this arc, and an unknown number of side stages, meaning there is an unknown number of stages in total.

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The Dark Kingdom arc has 225 main stages and an unknown number of side stages, totaling up to an unknown number of stages.


The plot of the Dark Kingdom arc closely follows that of the first season of the original Sailor Moon anime. The game follows Usagi Tsukino, an underachieving crybaby schoolgirl who is informed by a talking cat named Luna that she is the reincarnation of the guardian deity Sailor Moon, tasked with battling the forces of the Dark Kingdom, led by Queen Beryl. One by one, Usagi meets the reincarnations of the other guardian deities: the shy but intelligent Ami Mizuno, who transforms into Sailor Mercury; the shrine maiden Rei Hino, who transforms into Sailor Mars; the tomboyish romantic Makoto Kino, who transforms into Sailor Jupiter; and aspiring idol Minako Aino, who transforms into Sailor Venus. Minako is joined by Artemis, another talking cat and Luna's partner.


  1. Crybaby Usagi's Transformation
    1. Sailor Moon Appears
    2. Finding Friends
    3. A Fateful Encounter?
  2. Mercury Rising
    1. Mercury Rising
    2. Twice as Nice
  3. Mars Approaches
    1. Mars Approaches
    2. Third Time's a Charm
  4. Moonshine Romance: Masquerade Ball
    1. Unity!
    2. Moonshine Romance
  5. Jupiter Ascending
    1. Jupiter Ascending
    2. Four for Justice!
  6. The Final Guardian: Sailor Venus!
    1. Venus Ventures Forth
    2. The 5 Guardians!
  7. Moon Princess Awakes
    1. Mamoru's Past
    2. Tuxedo Mask Revealed
    3. Moon Princess Awakes
  8. Memories of the Past
    1. Memories of the Past
    2. Challenging Trials
  9. Tuxedo Mask Abducted
    1. Tuxedo Mask is Evil?
    2. To the Moon
  10. Moon-sent Message
    1. Moon-sent Message
    2. Find the Enemy Lair
  11. To the Dark Kingdom (Part 1)
    1. Polar D-Point
    2. Jupiter's Battle
    3. Jupiter Withdraws
    4. Mercury's Battle
    5. Mercury Withdraws
    6. Splitting Up 1
  12. To the Dark Kingdom (Part 2)
    1. Splitting Up 2
  13. Usagi's Resolve
    1. TBA
  14. The Final Battle
    1. TBA
  15. Mysterious Girl From The Sky
    1. TBA

Unlockable Characters


  • The Dark Kingdom story arc has the most unlockable characters of any story arc, with five.

Changes from the Anime

Since Sailor Moon Drops is intended for all ages, and since it is a loose adaptation of the original Sailor Moon anime, a certain number of scenes from the anime had to be cut or changed.

  • In the anime, Usagi was unaware that she was Sailor Moon until being told so by Luna. In the game, however, Usagi starts off already knowing that she is Sailor Moon.
  • In the anime, Jadeite was killed by Queen Beryl after failing her one too many times, being replaced by Nephrite. However, in the game, Jadeite simply disappears.
  • In the anime, Nephrite was killed by Zoisite after falling in love with Naru Osaka. However, due to Naru's lack of influence on the story mode of Drops, this was removed, and Nephrite simply disappears.
  • Neither Zoisite nor Kunzite are seen or mentioned.
  • While none of the DD Girls are seen or mentioned, they still manage to kill Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Mars.


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