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Dead Moon (デッド・ムーン Deddo Mūn?) is the fourth story arc in Sailor Moon Drops. The arc focuses on Helios and his quest to save his home kingdom of Elysion, as well as the Sailor Guardians' battle against the Dead Moon Circus, led by Queen Nehelenia.

There are 180 main stages in this arc, and an unknown number of side stages, meaning there is an unknown number of stages in total.

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The Dead Moon arc has 180 main stages and an unknown number of side stages, totaling up to and unknown number of stages.


The plot of the Dead Moon arc closely follows that of the fourth (and part of the fifth) season of the original Sailor Moon anime.


  1. A Fateful Encounter: Night of Prancing Pegasus
    1. TBA
  2. Pegasus' Power: Super Transformation Once Again
    1. TBA
  3. Bonding Hearts: Chibi-Usa and Pegasus
    1. TBA
  4. Super Sailor Team
    1. TBA
  5. New Moon's Evil Power
    1. TBA
  6. What I Want to Save
    1. TBA
  7. Nightmares Won't Defeat Us
    1. TBA
  8. The Final Battle: Believing in the Power to Dream
    1. TBA

Unlockable Characters


  • The Dead Moon arc has the least amount of unlockable characters, with only two.

Changes from the Anime

Since Sailor Moon Drops is intended for all ages, and since it is a loose adaptation of the original Sailor Moon anime, a certain number of scenes from the anime had to be cut or changed.


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