Mercury Rising (水と知性の戦士セーラーマーキュリー登場! Mizu to Chisei no Senshi Sērāmākyurī Tōjō!?) is the second episode of the Dark Kingdom story arc, and the second episode overall, of Sailor Moon Drops.

In this episode, Sailor Moon is joined by Ami Mizuno, the reincarnation of the guardian deity Sailor Mercury.

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Mercury Rising

Mercury Rising
Usagi is talking to Luna.
Usagi Tsukino
I've made friends with the genius Ami Mizuno!
I'm sensing a strange energy coming off Ami.
Luna gives Ami a Transformation Pen.
Ami, say "Mercury Power Make Up!"
Ami Mizuno
It worked! Mercury Power Make Up!
Ami transforms into Sailor Mercury.
Sailor Mercury
Guardian of Water and Intelligence: Sailor Mercury! Douse yourself in water, and repent!
End of Mercury Rising

Twice as Nice

Twice as Nice
Ami has just transformed into Sailor Mercury.
So Ami really was the second guardian, Sailor Mercury.
Sailor Mercury
I'm a...Sailor Guardian?
Sailor Moon
I'm so glad that it was you, Ami!
Sailor Mercury
Thank you, Usagi. Now let's go forth together and fight injustice.
Sailor Moon
OK! We need to go and look for the third Sailor Guardian!
End of Twice as Nice


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