Despite Sailor Moon Drops having a large amount of characters, not all of them are able to be played in the game. The following is a list of all non-playable characters in Sailor Moon Drops. There are currently 54 non-playable characters in Sailor Moon Drops that may be added in the future.

List of non-playable characters

Dark Kingdom

Luna.png Artemis.png Mamoru Chiba.png Tuxedo Mask (cutscene).png Queen Serenity.png
Luna Artemis Mamoru Chiba Tuxedo Mask
Queen Serenity
Endymion (cutscene).png Queen Beryl.png Jadeite.png Nephrite.png Zoisite.png
Queen Beryl Jadeite Nephrite Zoisite

Black Moon

Usagi Tsukino (Crystal Star).png King Endymion.png Koan.png Berthier.png Calaveras.png
Usagi Tsukino (Crystal Star) King Endymion Koan Berthier Calaveras
Petz.png Rubeus.png Esmeraude.png Saphir.png Prince Dimande (cutscene).png
Petz Rubeus Esmeraude Saphir Prince Dimande
Black Lady (cutscene).png Wiseman.png
Black Lady

Death Busters

Usagi Tsukino (Cosmic Heart).png Hotaru Tomoe.png Professor Tomoe.png Mistress 9.png Pharaoh 90.png
Usagi Tsukino (Cosmic Heart) Hotaru Tomoe Professor Tomoe Mistress 9 Pharaoh 90

Dead Moon

Usagi Tsukino (High School).png Ami Mizuno (High School).png Rei Hino (High School).png Makoto Kino (High School).png Minako Aino (High School).png
Usagi Tsukino (High School) Ami Mizuno (High School) Rei Hino (High School) Makoto Kino (High School) Minako Aino (High School)
Usagi Tsukino (Crisis Moon).png Chibi-Usa (S).png Pegasus.png Zirconia.png Queen Nehelenia.png
Usagi Tsukino (Crisis Moon) Chibi-Usa (S) Pegasus Zirconia Queen Nehelenia
Queen Nehelenia (Old).png Queen Nehelenia's Mirror.png
Queen Nehelenia (Old) Queen Nehelenia's Mirror

Sailor Stars

Haruka Tenoh (Stars).png Michiru Kaioh (Stars).png Setsuna Meioh (Stars).png Hotaru Tomoe (Stars).png Chibi-Chibi.png
Haruka Tenoh (Stars) Michiru Kaioh (Stars) Setsuna Meioh (Stars) Hotaru Tomoe (Stars) Chibi-Chibi
Kakyuu.png Galaxia.png Chaos Galaxia.png Princess Serenity (Wings).png Galaxia (Purified).png
Kakyuu Galaxia (ギャラクシア Gyarakushia?) Chaos Galaxia Princess Serenity (Wings) Galaxia (Purified)

Another Story

Kakeru Ōzora.png Himeko Nayotake.png Princess Snow Kaguya.png
Kakeru Ōzora Himeko Nayotake Princess Snow Kaguya

Character Pairs

Usagi Tsukino & Mamoru Chiba.png
Usagi Tsukino & Mamoru Chiba


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